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B&G Success Story with V3 ERP!

“With Nebim V3 Purchase Demand Management, we saved 10% compared to the previous year”

Seyit Nebati, Chairman of the Board of B&G Store, which has made its name known to the masses in modern children's clothing since 2000 and is the address of quality in the children's clothing industry today, shared its opinions about Nebim V3 ERP.

Speaking about the processes of meeting with Nebim V3 ERP, B&G Store Chairman Seyit Nebati said, “We were managing the purchasing processes with the facilities within each department and we saw that we could not progress very efficiently. In order to improve this process, we reviewed Nebim's Nebim V3 Purchase Demand Management application. Nebim V3 Purchase Demand Management was an application that would meet our needs. We started the project immediately. Currently, any department is entering the purchase request, approves the purchase manager if it approves this request, receives offers after approving it, after approving the appropriate offers, it goes through the approval process again by the assistant general manager and the whole process is kept under control. Thanks to the implementation of this application; we will be able to save around 10% compared to the previous year. This is truly one of the biggest and most important projects we've done. ” he spoke.

Stating that Nebim V3's Budget Management Project has become indispensable as a company, Chairman of the Board Seyit Nebati said, “The Budget Management Project has an important position like other projects. I can not say that we did not have a budget management until now, but we were making this budget through Excel and this method was open to error and intervention. In order to improve our business processes on this side, we examined Nebim's Budget Management program and started budget management last year as we saw that it responded to our needs. We currently have a truly manageable budget program. We see our plus and minus. The intervention takes place only with my consent. Therefore, we had a budget that reflects much more facts, where we can see the pros and cons, and where we have errors, and this program has become one of our must-have. ” said.

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