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MARCHON – Enternasyonel Gözlük

Emre Başıbuyuk

International Glasses General Manager

International Glasses, which started its commercial activities as a small family business, is an important player in the sector with more than 800 sales points, thanks to its cooperation with the world giant Marchon.

Emphasizing that they have left their 20th year behind in the sector, Emre Başıbüyük, General Manager of International Glasses, said, “We intensified our efforts in this direction, taking into account the proposals of the brands that we were distributors for before, to establish an office in Turkey. We established our Turkey office by collaborating locally with Marchon, one of the world's largest optical companies. We started various marketing activities in order to improve our position in the sector and to explain Marchon better. The local partnership we established in January 2011 has survived successfully until today. We provide service with over 800 sales points throughout Turkey. In fact, when we evaluate it over branded products, the graphic we have experienced in sales points tells a great success story. There are nearly twenty brands in Marchon's portfolio, and we carry out the importation, marketing activities and spare parts service of the products of this portfolio that are accepted by our people.

‘Only Nebim V3 met our demands’

Emphasizing that only Nebim met their demands after the idea of ​​working with a software company came up, Emre Başıbüyük said, “Our first meeting with Nebim was with Winner in 2010. We decided to work with a local software during the installation phase of Marchon. While researching local companies, we paid attention to the fact that they had industry experience and invested in our industry. When we evaluated all these criteria, we decided that the most suitable program was Winner. With the successful progress of the process, we decided to switch to Nebim V3, which was developed by Nebim after Winner in 2014, and we started the necessary work. In 2015, we completed our transition to Nebim V3 with Verimsoft, Nebim's solution partner, and appeared before our consumers ready on January 1, 2016.”

‘It is a great advantage that they have met the demands of the industry’

Emphasizing the importance of Nebim's immediate response to changes in the industry, as well as being a local software company, Başıbuyuk said, "The main factor in managing this process with Nebim has been the development of software that will meet our needs by investing in our industry. The optics industry is a dynamic industry with its own dynamics. There are changes in the legislation, these changes change our application models. Seeing the speed of integration of Nebim in these processes, I understand that our cooperation was the right decision.”

'Inventory information and accounting records are in the same program'

Emphasizing that the biggest advantage of Nebim V3 is that it manages stock information and accounting records in a single program, International Glasses General Manager Emre Başıbüyük; “Other companies in the sector are trying to combine their results by using stock programs and accounting programs separately. It is of great importance for our efficiency that the inventory program and the accounting program are running at the same time. The fact that these two processes are carried out at the same time creates a positive value in terms of the efficiency of the workflow, the efficiency of the program and the efficiency of the working environment.

'Reporting support and fast data flow make our job much easier'

Stating that another great advantage of Nebim V3 is the reporting support included in the program, Başıbuyuk said, "Since we are a company with foreign partners, we have to send reports constantly. The ready-made format reports included in the program provide a great advantage for this. Another important point for Marchon is the export of data. At this point, internal integration support programs provide us with extra support. It is necessary to transfer the data we have to our more than eight hundred sales points in the way we want and in the B'B format. At this point, the support provided by Nebim V3 is very important.”

‘Nebim also responds to our sectoral needs’

Emphasizing that they are in constant contact with Nebim regarding the needs of the industry and the company, International Glasses General Manager Emre Başıbüyük said, “We have been using the Product Tracking System (ÜTS) intensively for the last one and a half years. We can effectively deliver this system to our consumers and dealers, together with the advantages that Nebim V3 has provided us. UTS was not an easy integration process. In this process, we were faced with the question of how we can transfer our own data to the government's database without further tiring our operation. But the system has developed rapidly and today we can quickly share data with all our stakeholders online.”

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