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Sevil Perfumery

Yusuf Sevilla

Sevil Perfumery | Founder

Yusuf Sevilla, the Founder of Sevil Perfumery, Turkey's first cosmetics chain store and one of the pioneers of the cosmetics industry, shared his views on the solution partnerships that have been going on for years with Nebim.

Established in 1976 and having 51 stores today, Sevil Perfumery, whose adaptation project was carried out by Nebim Gold Solution Partner Birikim Bilgisayar, manages all operational processes with Nebim V3 ERP.

“Nebim V3 ERP enables you to progress faster”

Stating that Nebim is always with Sevil Perfumery and answers all his questions, Yusuf Sevilla said, “Nebim went to all our stores and gave training one by one. We are very happy with these trainings. If you use the right product such as Nebim V3 ERP, this allows you to progress faster and faster.” he said.

“If a retailer wants to see simple processing of their information, the solution is; Nebim V3"

Yusuf Sevilla explained why retailers should use Nebim V3 with the following words, “Today, the number of retailers using Nebim is already too high. If there are 150 shops in a shopping mall, approximately 120-130 of them are Nebim users. If a retailer wants to manage his company and customer correctly and see their information being processed in a simple way, the solution is; Nebim V3.”

“With Nebim V3 Cloud Collection integration, monitoring of all bank transactions is secure”

Sevilla, the Founder of Sevil Perfumery, who also explained his views on the integration of Nebim V3 Cloud Collection, said, “It is safer to monitor banking transactions and all other transactions in Cloud Collection. It is very nice to watch the actions such as the commission cut by the bank, the EFTs that have been received, and the money transfers on a single screen.” he said.

“Thanks to our customer displays, our customers leave the store safely”

Speaking about the importance of customer screens for them, Yusuf Sevilla said, “In our stores, I want our customers to see how much money the product they buy is and how much discount they get. Nebim offered us something beyond what I wanted. Now, another screen other than the screen of our friend at the cashier is facing our customers. Our customers on this screen; He can see how much money the product he bought, how many products he bought, the discount he earned, how the money he earned from the Como loyalty program was used. In this way, our customers can safely leave our stores. It's great that customers can see everything.” made statements.

“With Nebim V3, we had the opportunity to move our ComoSense customer loyalty application to the web”

Yusuf Sevilla said that with the Nebim V3 integration, they started to follow the ComoSense loyalty application, which they had followed separately, on the same system, "With the Nebim V3 ComoSense integration, every customer with a Sevil Card can spend the points they have collected in each of our stores. With ComoSense, it is very possible to reach the customer instantly, to make instant campaigns and take action. If you are a retail store; Thanks to ComoSense, you reach 100% of the customers you normally reach 20% of. Also, if you want to make a campaign, Como can offer you something with its artificial intelligence. It is also very important that Como works with Nebim like two one-on-one partners. Together with Nebim, we had the opportunity to bring Como to the web, it was very good for us.” he concluded his speech.

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