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V-GLOBAL is attending Vision Expo Fair!

We are ready to meet with all sector companies in the region at the Nebim V3 ERP Vision Plus Dubai fair, which we have developed with great collaborations in the eyewear industry for more than 10 years. We will be at Dubai Word Trade Center on 19-21 October to meet with Eyewaer retail chains, Wholesalers or distributors and Eyeglass manufacturers.

V-Global is exhibiting at #visionplus expo in Dubai,UAE on 19h-20-21 the of October.

It is preparing to present the POS screen, which has been developed especially for eyewear retailers. It will also share the solutions it has developed for other players in the eyewear industry. Offering perfect solutions for distributors, wholesalers and eyeglass lens manufacturers, Nebim V3 ERP is getting ready to meet with companies in the GCC and Africa region.

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