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Zirve Group Success Story with V3 ERP!

"Nebim V3 opened new doors for us when our growth got blocked"

Entered into business life in a 7 m2 store in 2005, Mr.CeP has become an important player in its sector by following a planned growth strategy. The Chairman of the Board of ZİRVE GROUP, Sinan Özkanlı, said that their growth accelerated when they met with Nebim, and that they have reached 13 mobile phone dealerships and 3 Samsung dealerships as of 2019.

The Chairman of the Board of ZİRVE GROUP, Sinan Özkanlı, said that they entered into business life in a 7 m2 store in the 2000’s, when the mobile phones started to be part of the core of our lives: “In those days, we started in a store of 7 m2, but the sector progressed very fast and the mobile phone frenzy kept growing. However, we identified a major deficiency in the sector. There were no brands that sold quality products, and there was no understanding of retail. We wanted to create a brand. The brand’s name was to be Mr.CeP. As time went by, we opened the second and third stores. Mr. CeP’s target and ideal was providing smart service for smart phones. We started with the business of technical service by gaining the confidence of our customers. Within time, the number of the stores raised to 7, 8, 9, and then to 12, 13. During this growth, there were two critical concepts for us. The first one is discipline, and the second one is follow-up. At this moment in 2019, our group has emerged with 13 stores with mobile phone sales and technical service and 3 Samsung dealerships.

“We can trust them if world brands use them”

Sinan ÖZKANLI explained that they met with Nebim during this fast growth phase, and their critical decision regarding growth: “Our company’s growth process got blocked at some point. During this period, problems started to appear not in a material way but in the system. We started to have real difficulties in following-up numerous parameters such as work, orders, customer feedback. I must also say that one of the biggest factors in our growth is to share. In order to share, I have to do the daily accounting as well as the monthly accounting. Now our turnovers are higher and the time of e-processes has arrived. We observed that companies using a certain system grow much faster, reduce their costs, and make their analysis regarding the future better. As we are also in the retail sector, we investigated the ways the companies in the sector use to manage their business processes. So, we encountered Nebim V3. When we examined Nebim V3, what attracted us most was the sentence that it is not a fixed program and that it can be adjusted according to the work flow of companies. Of course, we checked their references. Who is using Nebim in Turkey? Yes, there are company names with serious brands in Turkey, and as they trust Nebim V3; we can put our trust into Nebim V3 as well. So, we started to cooperate with Asist Software, a Nebim Solution Partner. There were difficulties in the beginning as we didn’t know any programming language. When the process progressed, we saw clearly that Nebim V3 was the correct program. As the software and support teams of Nebim get to know the companies and build the projects accordingly, we had success with this program.”

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