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Shift Management and Tracking

Shift basic performance criteria (Gender, Age, Language, Store opening and closing hours tracking, working hours, Additional overtime, Store Key tracking, Training, for each store of the company management (Retail and Human resources management) required for the realization of the planned targets before opening. status etc.) to the system and the Store Manager's weekly shift plan while doing the weekly shift program according to these criteria and follow-up.

  • In line with the realization of shift plans, an analytical database where sales analysis and shift relations are examined on a shift basis and KPIs created accordingly are increasing the efficiency of the human resource, which is the most important factor in retail.

  • It is the opportunity for the Store Manager to plan the shift on a practical screen (web, mobile) on the calendar, for the regional coordinators to quickly check the criteria, confirm the weekly shift plans, and to allow employees to follow their off-days and breaks on which days of the week on their mobile devices.

  • Verimsoft Shift Tracking Software was developed to facilitate the Shift tracking of HR Departments, Store Coordinators, Store Managers and Personnel and to ensure rapid data exchange within the entire company.

  • It is to support businesses to optimize their personnel costs and to reach maximum turnover by working with the required number of personnel in their stores, branch offices and head office.

There is no limit to what you can do with Shift!

Store Definitions

Shift Definitions

Personnel Definitions

Working schedule

Confirmation Screens

Holiday Definitions

Permission Request Screen

Reports and Dashboard

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