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Smart Cash Flow Management and Tracking System

Discover Smart Cash Flow Management and Tracking System

It is the software that allows businesses to be tracked on an annual, monthly, daily basis by estimating and creating their collections and expenses based on data.


Cash Flow

  • Multi-company consolidated structure

  • Payment and collection records can be created periodically on the basis of Company, Office, Branch.

  • It works with different currencies.

  • With the calendar view, it is aimed to provide fast and easy data entry.

  • Daily balances and transactions are planned to be displayed on the calendar.

  • It is planned to make prediction management with different scenarios.

  • Colorizing and personalizing data on collections and payments.

Cash Pool

  • The cash pool aims to keep track of the company's cash assets.

  • Transferring bank balances to cash pool with MT940

  • It is aimed to transfer the bank balances to the cash pool with web services.

Limit Allocation

  • It is aimed to list and manage the loan information available within the limits assigned to the companies, as well as the payment plans for the created loans.

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