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Business Intelligence

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You can monitor the status of your stores at any time for a mobile application.

Follow the most basic indicators with instant data.


  • Amaount : Follow theamaount of your stores live today. Simultaneously analyze the turnover change in% compared to last year.

  • Follow the discount amount and its ratio to turnover. Decide your campaigns and discounts accordingly.

  • Track return rates and its ratio to turnover.

  • Track return amount, rate and amounts, and its ratio to turnover.

  • Numbers of İnvoice&cancel invoice : Monitor customer movements closely. Track cancellations for your safety

  • Number of Stores

  • Number of Sold Quantity

  • Number of Customer: Know how many different customers you sold

  • Oft: AVERAGE INVOICE AMOUNT. Follow it and to try put on it. Track hourly, daily changes

  • Follow the performances on a store basis at any time. Comparatively, turnover, see the number of sales. Know the percentage of each store in the total turnover


  • Always follow the share of different criteria such as Brand, Gender, Product group in the total turnover.

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