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Guided Sales

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Nebim V3 Guided Sales

Thanks to the Nebim V3 Guided Sales application developed for iPhone, iPad and Android, retail sales consultants at the stores can access the product and customer information managed by the Nebim V3 ERP software at the headquarters in real time. Therefore, they can offer personalized sales opportunities and a better shopping experience to the customers in the stores.

Thanks to the Nebim V3 Guided Sales application;

  • Sales loss due to lack of information regarding products/inventory by the sales consultants diminishes,

  • The cumulative turnover increases because of cross sales of complementing products and the sales of alternative products to the ones not in the inventory,

  • Store/customer experience improves thanks to personalized sales, and customer satisfaction increases.


Prominent features of Nebim V3 Guided Sales application:

You can carry out location-based and real-time queries on inventory, variants and price by scanning the barcode of the product with a camera or by product category. 

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