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NebimExtra Overview

Discover NebimExtra Benefits

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Achieve Continuous Efficiency and Profitability with the New Versions and Updates of Nebim V3

With NebimExtra Agreement, access the semiannually published new versions of Nebim V3 applications for which you have already obtained a license as well as hot fixes, which are updates published when necessary, without paying any extra licensing fees. This enables you to:

  • Continue working with a software infrastructure that is compliant with the current legislation.

  • Start using the newly added features of your licensed Nebim V3, which Nebim has developed thanks to Research and Development activities and the continuously expanding industry know-how.

  • Continue working on an updated software infrastructure on which you can swiftly implement your new business processes and which allows you to quickly apply new Nebim V3 applications that you might consider licensing in the future.

Evaluate Your Business Processes Better by Adding the New and Enriched Standard Nebim V3 Reports to Your Own Nebim V3

The content and performance optimizations in standard Nebim V3 report designs and queries, as well as the newly developed report designs can be downloaded from the website of NebimExtra to your own Nebim V3 without the need to wait for the new Nebim V3 versions to be published. Therefore, you can start using them immediately, and the data on your Nebim V3 can be offered to your users in the fastest and optimum format.


Obtain Fast Solutions to Your Requests on NebimExtra Website and at the Call Center

Using the NebimExtra account assigned to you by Nebim, you can inform Nebim over the Internet about possible software errors that you might encounter using your licensed Nebim V3 applications as well as improvement requests regarding reports or software.

When following up on error and request notifications which you have recorded on NebimExtra website:

  • When reporting errors, define the severity of the error; when reporting requests, define the level of priority of your requests; so that the Nebim support team is informed about your preferences regarding the requests that you want to be handled first according to the importance level that you assign on NebimExtra.

  • The already opened error and request notifications (cases) can be listed, so that you can see the information such as who is following up on your cases, the levels of importance or severity and their current status. Thanks to the flexible filtering and full text search features, you can easily find the cases that you are searching for.

  • With the “NebimExtra Administrator” user account assigned to you by Nebim, create your own NebimExtra users on the NebimExtra website. This way, the users authorized by you can record their own questions and requests, and monitor the current status regarding the progress of their requests continuously.

  • The requests of your users can be “tracked”, so that they are informed about the developments via automatic information e-mails sent by Nebim.

  • The requests of your users can be included in their “favorites” so that they can easily filter their priority requests.

  • Should the need arise, you can organize online meetings with the Nebim support team so that the requests of your users are more clearly understood and interpreted, and direct communication is established. Create a fruitful dialogue with the Nebim support team by sharing your screen shots, business processes and system configurations over the Web. If needed and with your permission, the Nebim support team can access your system remotely and the solutions are developed faster.

  • After implementing the solutions developed by Nebim, please rate your satisfaction regarding the fulfillment of your request. These ratings will be evaluated by Nebim later, and you will have helped us to maximize our service quality.

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