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Gizia Success Story


İsmail Kutlu

Gizia | Chairman of the Board of Directors


“With Nebim V3, we have accelerated our quantification, assessment and decision-making processes.”


Could you please talk about your success story of 25 years in the fashion industry?

It has been a great advantage for me that my family history involves textiles. Gizia is not a company that has entered the business later on, we have cut our teeth on textiles. When I first came from Malatya to Istanbul, I didn’t receive any financial support from my family, and I didn’t have a considerable capital when I started. When I first came to Istanbul, I worked at my brother’s draper shop in Kapalıçarşı. After that, I entered the ready-to-wear apparel business in a store of 15 m2 in Marmara Çarşısı. In 1994, I decided that I didn’t just want to participate at the buy & sell side of the business, but rather preferred to be active in manufacturing, and so started producing textiles in Osmanbey. I worked very hard and analyzed the industry until 2004, and founded Gizia in 2005. If I am regarded as successful, my explanation would be like this: First, you have a dream, then you set a target. The dream and the target must go hand in hand. A target without a dream doesn’t work, and a dream without a target doesn’t come true either. If you have them both, and if you work, you reach your target. On the other hand, we shouldn’t forget the honesty, which is the basis. Honesty is the biggest capital. Good teamwork is also among the factors that have made Gizia a world brand in a short time. We have a team that has been on our side since our foundation. Our biggest advantage: we set up a good team, a strong team, and that team loved the brand. We were 100 people when we founded the brand, the whole team has developed a sense of belonging and loyalty, and this still continues. The success is actually the success of the team. I certainly have an influence, but I have been one of those hundred people.

How did you cross paths with Nebim? What were the reasons for you to prefer Nebim V3?

Our structure was growing and improving rapidly. The processes in the retail sector are changing and evolving, and we needed to take fast action. In this context, we had to transition to an ERP program. The fact that Nebim has provided us with fast and high-quality service over the years played a significant role in our development. We believe that the exchange of ideas made us help each other to develop ourselves as well.

Nebim is a company that keeps track of all the developments and legal changes, acts speedily and offers new solutions. The structure of the software contributes to quantification, assessment and decision-making processes. Thanks to its multi-language support (data language and application language), it can be used in different countries. In consideration of Nebim’s vast experience in the retail sector, we think that the software adds the highest value to our targets. Because of these reasons, we decided to continue with Nebim V3 after Nebim Winner.

Could you tell us about your transition project experiences after you decided to go for Nebim V3?

After we had come to an agreement to integrate Nebim V3 software in our company, we appointed “project leaders” from each department of our company. We managed to use the software with all its functions in the short time span of six months.

We analyzed the existing Nebim Winner data that was to be transferred to Nebim V3 and we transferred the data of the last two years to Nebim V3. Through Nebim’s training portal Nebim Academy, the users were able to access training videos regarding their own work areas. We prepared training booklets for all important modules. The project team gave preliminary training and assignments for all key users and provided practical Nebim V3 training. Afterwards, live use scenarios were carried out for more than one whole day. Work processes from all departments were tested on Nebim V3, and we could intervene at possible deficiencies, problems, misunderstandings before going live. After the users tested their processes and gained practical experience on test databases, all our stores and our headquarters went live with Nebim V3 at the same time.

With Nebim V3, which work processes have become more efficient for you? (Especially Agency Performance Management)

Thanks to the improvements regarding product management, we can define color codes and size structure without any limits. There are also many additional features. Therefore, we can access all the details in the reports. We apply them in all our phases such as production, warehouse deliveries and customer management, both in our stores and at the headquarters. With Nebim V3 POS, we can apply more than one campaign at our stores at the same time. We can now keep track of the movements in import and export files. The import costs can automatically be included in the relevant file so that cost management has become easier. Thanks to the banking module, our business processes with the banks can be monitored on the system in a more efficient way.

We observe that thanks to the fast reports that we can obtain at any stage, we now use our time more productively, we can take more accurate decisions, and we can manage our business processes in a more efficient way.

Nebim V3 has also contributed to our stores with regards to agency performance. After implementing Nebim V3 retail program as of May 1, we have achieved the advantages mentioned below.

The main features of Nebim V3 Agency performance reporting:

• We can obtain reports regarding the customers visiting our stores, the agency that refers them to us, and the visit frequency with regards to the hour of the day.

• We can obtain reports about the age range of the customers referred to us by the agency, as well as the gender of the customers, and their country of origin.

• With Nebim V3, we can find out which customer groups of the agencies prefer which products, and their body size range.

• We can monitor the monthly, hourly and daily turnovers of the agencies and the turnover average per person with Nebim V3.

•We can observe the number of the customers referred to us by each agency, as well as the average purchase concluded by these customers. With this information, we can carry out talks with the agencies.

• With Nebim V3, we can find out if the agency complies with the time reserved for them, and how often they postpone/cancel the reservation.

• We can see the regions and the hotels from which the customers are often directed to our stores by the agencies, and the shopping percentages of these hotel guests and their turnover.

• Again, with Nebim V3, we can see the hotels of our customers served by the sales staff, and how often sales are concluded for the guests of a certain hotel, and the sales average.

• We can obtain reports about the number of the customers referred to us by tourist guides, their average shopping and their turnover.

• We can obtain reports about the entry and exit hours of the reservations of the agencies, and the average time the customers spend in the stores.

Could you please talk about your plans for the future in connection with your collaboration with Nebim? Are there any new projects that you will implement?

Our collaboration with Nebim started with Nebim Winner and is now continuing with Nebim V3. We plan to implement Nebim V3 Guided Sales in our stores as soon as possible. This Nebim application offers specific product suggestions and sales opportunities to the customer in the stores.

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