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Lee Cooper Success Story

Lee Cooper

Ahmet Öksüz

Kipaş Holding | Member of the Board of Directors

“We aim at making a difference with Nebim V3 innovations.”


 Ahmet Öksüz, Member of the Board of Directors of Lee Cooper, talked about the first foreign brand that has entered Turkey. He evaluated the situation of the Lee Cooper brand in the market, its growth strategy and the young apparel market. Öksüz also mentioned the successful collaboration with Nebim and made suggestions to their business partners regarding Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Lee Cooper offers comfortable and chic collections for men and women, suitable for all the hours of the day. Öksüz said that they carry out sales for wholesale customers and consignment customers with various conditions and advantages thanks to Nebim.


How long has Lee Cooper been in the Turkish market?


 Lee Cooper is the first foreign brand that hat entered the Turkish market. The brand had a long period of silence in Turkey. At Kipaş Holding, we used to produce for Lee Cooper along with many other world brands. Thanks to our production power and retail enthusiasm we obtained the production and retail licenses of Lee Cooper in Turkey in 2010.


You opened 15 new shops in two months. Based on this new growth strategy, could you talk about the situation of Lee Cooper in the market?


 We will follow a fast growth strategy for Lee Cooper in Turkey. In the short period of two months, we opened shops in the shopping malls in the most important cities of Turkey. Our target is to have 200 points of sale in 3 years. In addition to Lee Cooper stores, the Lee Cooper collections will be offered to the customers at Boyner as well.


You describe your products as cool, sophisticated, suitable for every hour of the day. Who is the target group of Lee Cooper, who wears Lee Cooper?


 Lee Cooper offers a comfortable and chic collection for men and women, suitable for every hour of the day. All the pieces in the collection are complementing each other, they  are in harmony with each other. I believe that anyone can find something in our collection. Lee Cooper boosts very high brand awareness in Turkey. We address the young people as well as the generation that used to wear Lee Cooper a while ago, the generation that has grown up with this brand.


Which Nebim software and versions are you using at your store /stores at the moment? In which work process does the most effective use take place?


 We use Nebim V3 Enterprise version. The module that we use most often is of course the sales module. In addition to the stores, we make sales for wholesale customers and consignment customers with various conditions and advantages. Therefore, I can say that the campaign module is the first one in line when we talk about the modules that we use often and the most efficient one. Other than these, the data warehouse and logistics modules are very important for us and they make our lives easier.


How do you evaluate the young apparel market in Turkey as regards to competition and diversity?


 The young apparel market in Turkey is quite dynamic. The percentage of the young people in the general population is high, and this makes the market dynamic. The competition is high, and the diversity of the products is big. Actually, this is an advantage. The increase in the alternatives is an opportunity for the organized retail to develop. We at Lee Cooper think that we are a good alternative in the young apparel market with our collections, achievable prices, and our design concept. Our target for 5 years is to increase the number of our stores and to become one of the first three brands in the sector.


Would you recommend Nebim Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to your business partners? Would you briefly mention the reasons?

We think that enterprise resource planning software is now an indispensable tool for the everyday operations of the companies. Additionally, these tools need to be equipped with the analysis and report tools necessary for decision-making. The main reason for us to prefer Nebim is the significant experience they have gained in the Turkish retail sector over many years. Nebim solutions have contributed greatly to the sector. Our brand Lee Cooper has entered the marked rapidly and we have big targets; and we are sure that we will benefit from this know-how and the innovative structures of Nebim V3 ERP.

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