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Perspective Success Story


Hüseyin Gencer

Perspective | Chairman of the Board of Directors

“Thanks to the systematic and secure operation mode of Nebim V3, we contribute to our growth.”


The day we started as Kelebek Textiles in the women’s apparel sector, we committed ourselves to high quality production and we have never wavered. With our brand Perspective, we are at the service of our customers at over 100 sales points in 42 countries today. Our team consists of dynamic people from academia and from professional life. Our collections are timely prepared according to the fashion calendars of the world brands and offered to the customers. Our target is to be among the leading fashion brands of Turkey. With this target in mind, we will continue to grow both in Turkey and abroad with a strong momentum.


How did the need to keep track of your operations on ERP emerge?

As the company started retail stores, transition to an ERP system emerged in accordance with the necessities of reporting, the access to fast and accurate information about sales and inventory, the designation and systematic implementation of the transactions regarding customer portfolio, and the need of precise communication within the company. In this framework, we selected Nebim V3 ERP because of its experience in the industry as well as because of the flexible and integrated structure that is open to improvement.


Could you mention the benefits of Nebim V3 for your processes?


With the transition to Nebim V3 ERP, user mistakes have been minimized and our reporting process is more efficient. Now we have more accurate results in reports and we can have variations with the details that we prefer. This allows us to make correct decisions based on correct information and to define our strategies accordingly. Additionally, Nebim V3 has offered us a more secure working system as many transactions in product management and warehouse processes can now be carried out on the ERP in a systematic manner. These transactions used to be completed manually. Also, we have created the necessary technical infrastructure in line with our growth and improvement targets, and we started monitoring our business plan on a professional system. Thanks to the systematic and secure operation mode and infrastructure of Nebim V3, we contribute to our growth.


What were your expectations from Nebim with regards to e-Invoice, e-Ledger and e-Archive during the E-Transformation period? Please evaluate these processes in the current situation.


During the e-Transformation period, our target was to integrate the technologic innovations and the legal requirements into our working system in a correct and efficient way. Therefore, our expectations from Nebim in this transition period were the creation of the technological infrastructure in accordance with our business, the setting up of the systems, their testing, and on time and sufficient consultancy regarding the support that we needed. Currently, we receive close support from the Nebim team and Nebim V3 ERP, which has already been made ready for the requirements of the process.


Is there anything that you would like to add?


I want to thank the solution-oriented, young and dynamic Nebim team who has helped us implement the technological innovations in our corporate work life at Perspective. I wish that our great collaboration in this field continues.

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