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SoChic Success Story

So Chic

Hakan Sezgin

Sezgin Group | Chairman of the Board of Directors

“Thanks to Nebim, we have started to communicate with our customers in a healthy and productive way.”


Sezgin Group is one of the leading brands of the jewelry and accessories sector. Their Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hakan Sezgin, talked about the transition to Nebim solutions, the positive changes in their system following this process and the advantages they have gained. Sezgin underlined that they have obtained a more orderly, faster and healthier structure with Nebim, and that they have more than reached the targets they set when they first started implementing Nebim solutions.

Can you please talk about the history and vision of So Chic?


Sezgin Group has been active in the jewelry and accessories sector for nearly 60 years. As a local producer, as an importer and exporter as well as the unique concept retail manufacturer in Turkey, the company is one of the leaders in the industry. The first and most important step in the foundation of the company was taken in the silver jewelry workshop in Çemberlitaş. As the customer demands grew, the company moved to a modern workplace in Avcılar, Istanbul, in order to produce a bigger array of goods. Sezgin Group owns the brands Sezgin Jewels, So Chic, Fix Silver, Moj, Sezgin Watches and Rosy Diamond. Sezgin Jewels produces and exports silver jewelry and at the same time functions as the Turkey distributor of world-known watch brands.


Can you please talk about your transition to Nebim and the benefits provided to So Chic by Nebim?


Before Nebim, we hadn’t been able to monitor our inventory accurately. Without the CRM data, the users in the headquarters couldn’t observe the retail sales and were not able to do the necessary monitoring. Following our transition to Nebim, we have started carrying out all of these transactions in an orderly and healthy fashion. We have started communicating with our customers thanks to Nebim’s Customer Relations Management application, which helps us to redirect our customers into our stores.

Thanks to Nebim Halogen business intelligence application, we obtain healthier sales and inventory reports. During the entire process, we have been able to reach healthier decisions thanks to the detailed reports. Therefore, our speed and efficiency has increased.

Before Nebim, we had many difficulties in managing our campaigns. In this context, we benefitted from the retail solutions of Nebim. With Nebim online store application, we can see the sales instantly and be more active in our campaigns. Retail sales campaigns application allows us to give out customer loyalty cards and to let them earn money points according to various parameters. Our customers can the use these money points during shopping according to their preference. Thanks to Nebim, we can define instant campaigns and this gives certain agility to our company.

What were your targets as you started using Nebim?


We wanted to monitor the sales in our existing retail stores and the inventory planning accurately, to create realistic plans based on the acquired reports and to track our business processes in a faster and more accurate way. We think that we have more than reached our goals. When we started using Nebim; campaign management, money point applications and sales management were among our targets too. We can say that we have reached all these targets.

Thanks to the many applications developed by Nebim, we can have faster and healthier feedback and we can determine our strategies more clearly.


Can you please inform us about So Chic’s growth plans in the upcoming periods, both in Turkey and abroad?


We intend to open 20 new stores in 2010. As we think the economy is going to improve further, we believe that this number can be increased up to 30. We already have one store in England and one in the Netherlands, and three stores in Cyprus. To open a store in Azerbaijan is  among our targets. Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece are among the countries where we are currently making negotiations.


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