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Suvari Success Story


Fatih Coşkun

Süvari | Board Member and General Manager

“We converged with our domestic and international partners through the Nebim V3 platform”  


Süvari is another important brand of the garment and textile industry that chose Nebim V3 ERP for all of its business processes from manufacturing to customer service.  Fatih Coşkun, Board Member and General Manager of Süvari, shared with us the business processes of the brand, the contributions of Nebim V3 ERP to these processes, the important steps they deem necessary in an ERP project, and their future plans.


Can you please introduce the Süvari brand and tell us about its product portfolio?


The Süvari product portfolio can be classified as 70% classic and 30% casual clothing styles. We have suits, dress shirts, ties, shoes and belts in our classical collection. For our casual collection, we offer pants (jeans and khakis), shirts, polo shirts, mercerized cotton t-shirts, shoes and belts.    


Who wears Süvari products? Who are Süvari customers?


We can describe our customer profile as male, 25 years or older, C/C+/B1 (earning income between 750-3.500 TL a month), working and looking for comfort in their business environment. Public servants, new graduates, people who are just starting their careers, shop owners, bank personnel, retired people and managers mainly make up our customer portfolio. 


You started using Nebim V3 ERP software in June 2012. What contribution did Nebim V3 have on your business flow?


The Nebim V3 ERP project work started in December with the issuing of inventory cards and was completed when we went live at the beginning of June. We experienced noticeable improvements in all of our processes. In the supply chain process, we established a structure that is integrated with our logistics company and that can monitor all processes from manufacturing to customers. Our stocks are replenished daily through the allocation generated by the defined stock levels for the stores and based on the distribution scenarios. Many process improvements similar to this one were achieved through this project. 


What is the role of the ERP software at Süvari?


With the support of technology we are trying to highlight the concept of “differentiation”, which enables one to exist in this sector, and we strive to have all our processes function fully integrated. Therefore we can say that we need the ERP software for all of our processes. We use the Nebim V3 ERP software in all of our processes such as manufacturing, procurement, delivery, sales, customer relations, finance / accounting, fixed assets, payroll and human resources. Nebim V3 ERP solutions also fulfill our need for “reporting” and “business intelligence”.  


What was the role of the key users in the Nebim V3 ERP project?


Active participation and support from all departments and most importantly a positive attitude is crucial for the success of this project and other similar projects. Therefore, we held meetings with all the departments about the benefits this ERP change will bring to our company. We also established a project management team consisting of department managers in order to ensure the coordination of the whole team throughout the project.

The correction of processes that are set up inaccurately and reflected as such in the ERP can cause loss of motivation, which can delay the activation date of the project. In order to prevent such situations it is crucial that the departmental processes are reflected and analyzed correctly, and the people who can achieve this are the key users. For the Nebim V3 project, the key users were selected among people who are experts in their areas and who can accurately convey the business processes. The key users also play an important role in training the end users. Additionally, each key user can intervene in issues that the end users are experiencing in their own departments, and therefore lessen the workload of the IT department.


How do you assess the integration between Nebim V3 ERP and your logistics company?

We have been using a third party logistics company for the last two years. Our integration has been going on since our Nebim Winner days, which preceded the Nebim V3 implementation. A SQL based integration platform had been created between Nebim Winner and the software application of the logistics company. With Nebim V3, the integration is achieved through a FTP process. An integrated platform is provided in many areas such as product acceptance, shipments to stores, dealer sales and transfers among warehouses. Most importantly, we started using the “ASN” process which enables advanced notification of shipments with Nebim V3, and the integration platform is functioning as well.

How do you utilize Nebim V3 in your procurement processes?

For our procurement processes we use the Supply and Manufacturing program which is integrated with Nebim V3. Purchase orders are created in the Supply and Manufacturing program and then transmitted to the systems of the logistics company through the integrated structure. Then the logistics company carries out the acceptance of products based on these orders. Then “order and remainder” reports can be run in different formats through Nebim V3.

Would you recommend “Nebim V3 ERP” solutions to your business partners?

We make our domestic and international business partners use Nebim V3 ERP software. There are significant advantages when the headquarters and the business partners use the same software. We use the same software as our business partners at the headquarters for many different reasons, such as the ability to use the same inventory and customer cards, the ability to apply the same allocation methods and the ability to centrally manage the price lists and campaigns. This way we also avoid the high costs associated with integration of varied software.

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