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Yargici Success Story


“With Nebim V3, Yargıcı gained efficiency at warehouse and logistics processes.”


Yargıcı, a brand that has become indispensable for the modern, urban woman, continues Emir Yargıcı’s philosophy of “Travel hard, work harder”. Yargıcı shared with us their formation process, the reasons for them to prefer Nebim V3, their transition period to ERP, and the benefits they get from Nebim V3 ERP for procurement and logistics. 


Yargıcı is indispensable for the modern, urban woman


Emir Yargıcı and his brother opened their first men’s shirts shop in Osmanbey in 1978. This was the foundation for the Yargıcı brand, which has become indispensable for the modern, urban woman. Those were the days when ready-to-wear apparel industry was just establishing itself in Turkey. Emir Yargıcı started producing men’s shirts in pastel colors, which were quite fashionable in Europe but not so much known in Turkey. The different style of Yargıcı attracted the attention of female customers shortly after. This increased when the first women’s collections are offered at Yargıcı stores in 1988. The brand has been designing solely women’s collections since 2001. At the same time, a cosmetic collection named “Waterworks” was presented to the followers of the brand, so that a first sign was given to the customers that Yargıcı shall offer them a life style, and not only clothing.

The loyal customer group of Yargıcı enjoys the designs for the office and for all other areas in life as the collections are essentially comfortable, chic, and simple. Now that the product palette includes decoration items and home accessories, the brand manages to pleasantly surprise its customers.

As a company that continues the philosophy of Emir Yargıcı, “Travel hard, work harder”, you chose Nebim V3 ERP. Would you please talk about the reasons for you to select Nebim V3?

As Nebim Winner users, we were already collaborating with Nebim. We saw that Nebim V3 is suited to our improving and growing structure and we wanted to continue our solution partnership with Nebim by upgrading to the higher version.


What has changed since your transition from Nebim Winner to Nebim V3 ERP in 2012?

As it is the case during every ERP transition process, we went through an adaptation period.  We started using the program in a more efficient way when our users learned more about this new ERP solution in the company and adapted to it.

With regards to accounting, we started creating monthly costs and reports regularly with Nebim V3. We extract all sales and accounting data from Nebim V3 ERP and from the data warehouse of Nebim V3, we than create regular reports and make detailed analyses. This enables us to manage our business processes in a healthier way.

Again thanks to Nebim V3, the seasonal discount campaigns that we create during price discount periods are implemented in our stores quickly. Because of the advanced campaign module of Nebim V3, we can easily implement our discount campaigns in our stores.

How do you benefit from Nebim V3 during your purchasing and logistic processes?

First of all, the purchase orders are created on Nebim V3 for the products both from Turkey and abroad. These orders are converted into ASN slips thanks to Nebim’s Advanced Shipping Notice application support. Then, they are sent to the logistics company as a wrek order for product acceptance.

The ASN support of Nebim V3 is important to us because we manage our logistics operations in collaboration with Ekol Logistics and we integrate their system to Nebim V3 ERP.

The ASN process is indispensable for the logistics integration. The product acceptance work orders are given to the logistics companies by using this document. This way, the products from the supplier are entered in an integrated manner to the order based on SKU, so that the warehouse knows about the products that are going to arrive and all necessary allocations such as manpower or space can be organized.

Following the ASN approval, the ASN file is transferred to the system of Ekol Logistics. Later on, Ekol opens this file on their handheld terminals in their own system and accepts the products. After this procedure, our dispatch note is created on Nebim V3 with the file sent to us by Ekol. This dispatch note is transformed into an invoice at accounting and the purchase transaction is then completed on Nebim V3.

The communication between the departments is strengthened by the fact that the process is managed on Nebim V3 ERP from beginning to end. In connection with the import file number, detail information such as the number of the letter of credit, the naturalization date and the container number can be entered, and this supports the monitoring of the import process.

The integration with Ekol Logistics was changed into a web service based integration model in January 2014. The data flow between Nebim V3 ERP at Yargıcı and the system of Ekol Logistics is now even healthier.

What is the role of Nebim V3 in restocking at your stores?

As we don’t have big storage rooms at our stores, it is vital for us that sold items are replaced on time. Thanks to Nebim V3, we have a faster and healthier process of transferring the products from our warehouses to our stores. Every night, the sales of that day are evaluated according to the parameters that we have defined, and the missing products are automatically transferred to Ekol’s system. The next day, the products take their places at the stores in Istanbul and all over Turkey.

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