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BG Store Success Story

B&G Store

Seyid Nebati

B&G | Store General Manager

"We chose Nebim V3 in order to better analyze our customer relations and our product development as to proceed in a result-oriented manner"

Seyidullah Nebati, General Manager of B&G, shared their growth and the changes they have been through within the last 13 years, the role of Nebim solutions throughout this change process, and their reasons for preferring Nebim V3 ERP. B&G started off in the year 2000 with the objective to become Turkey’s longest-lasting children’s wear brand and to promote an approach that gives primary importance to the concept of design and quality. Along with its collections Riccione, Frist Line, Tyess, BG Baby ve Nebbati, manufactured in-house, it brought together the children’s lines of leading brands from the children’s segment of world fashion such as Patrizia Pepe, Baby Graziella, Broksfield, Bikkembergs, and Guess Kids, under one roof.

In 2000, you started off with the objective to become Turkey’s longest-lasting children’s wear brand. Can you inform us on the B&G Store that has evolved and changed throughout these 13 years?

Since our establishment in 2000, as B&G Store we have achieved growth and change in every field from technological infrastructure to store concepts, to the product range and to our various brands. We are a company that renews and changes itself, grows, and continues to renew every year in line with the requests and expectations from our customers.

You have been in collaboration with Nebim for years. Where are Nebim solutions in this process of 13-year growth and change?

Our collaboration with Nebim enabled us to control and audit all our business processes online. The contribution of Nebim solutions is immense in our controlled growth and achievement of becoming a store chain.

You took your collaboration with Nebim one step forward and selected the Nebim V3 ERP solution. Could you talk about your reasons for choosing Nebim V3 ERP?

We chose Nebim V3 ERP to be able to serve our customers faster in line with their expectations, to make accurate analyses, to make accurate decisions, to ensure Istanbul-centered control following our investments abroad, to better analyze our customer relations and our product development – in brief, to be able to proceed in a result-oriented manner.

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