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Projects Overview



Our collaboration beginning with the Nebim Winner and they make  a major attack in recent years, and AVVA uses the very famous people especially Murat Boz as the brand face. They are rapidly growing both Turkey and world markets.

Emo Optik


EMO, which is one of the most important brand in the optical industry, has accomplished its goals effectively with NEBİM V3 software, which, together with the special applications in the optical industry, chose to implement applications and instant accounting integrations that include the dynamics of the retail industry at the same time.

Kemal Tanca


Kemal Tanca is one of the major footwear retail brand of Turkey since 2013 with Nebim V3 ERP software manages all operations.



We have been working in cooperation with Civil Retail Inc., the second most well-known brand in Turkey for children’s clothing, since 2007.



Our cooperation with Arici Group, which is the manufacturer of NBB branded underwear, and LOYA, the store chain, continues strongly since 2006.

Opak Optik


Our cooperation with Opak, which dates back to 2006 with Nebim Winner, is an important milestone in the industry. The project, where production, sales, warehouse and accounting applications were used for the first time in an integrated manner, has made significant contributions in the production of opthalmic glass.

Marchon Eyewear


Marchon is an international company established in the world of eyewear companies in Turkey piyasasa of the biggest players Enternasyonel Inc. since 2012. With a close cooperation.



Men wear shirts Turkey as the brand most known Istanbul Bakirkoy. 2006 we started to cooperate with the first store Ayaydın Textile, 180 of them took place in total is also in 16 countries, more than 200 stores with world markets, including Turkey.

Gözalan Group


Our collaboration with Gözalan Group, which is the distributor of Sorel, Mountain Hardware and Prana brands, especially Columbia and Mustang Jeans brands, and Nebim Winner in 2010, has been stable for 9 years.

Özkan Underwear


We have the pleasure of working with Ozkan Underwear since 2012, one of the top manufacturers in the underwear sector, and a company that values information and technology so much during its production processes.



Being one of the most well-known store chains in Turkey, it was acquired and restructured by Ozkan Underwear Inc. and its partners in 2016. In this process, Nebim V3 software has been implemented and a very successful work has been carried out in a short period of time as 40 stores were launched on-line in just one week.



Ancel, one of the most important players in the Turkish Housewares sector with its 110-year life, has been using Nebim software products since 2008.

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