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Who Are We?


Who Are We?

Following the 90’s, the altering shopping trends encouraged retail chains to expand worldwide. In Turkey, in the last 20 years, more than 400 shopping malls were opened, and retail chains expanded into premium high street locations as well as taking their place in the malls. Verimsoft established in 2004 in Istanbul. In its expansion stage, it undertook the implementation of the retail sector focused NEBIM ERP and became the number one Digital Transformation partner (although expression did not exist at the time) for over 500 retailers.


The companies that stared their expansion story with us in their first store, today manage their chain of stores with our end to end solutions. We are working closely with our clients and growing shoulder to shoulder with them.


We responded to the changing technology and growing customer demands with The New Generation V3 ERP integration.


With the hundreds of projects, we delivered, we learned the business processes as well as the retailer itself. With this know-how, the new generation V3 ERP became the neck to neck competitor with the global solutions.

Our implementation speed, responsive relation built with the client, service quality, after sales service team and competitive pricing made Verimsoft a demanded business partner in other geographies. Now with the years of accumulated experience and know-how, we are expanding globally under the V-Global branding.


WHY V - Global?

Digital Transformation is a your must, to be able compete with global chains. We offer this transformation with our track record proven application and high-level experience.


We are here to be your indispensable business partner serving for every scale of retailers and retail chains.

With “Digital Project Management”, we are bringing you the latest technological applications, designed specifically for various retail subsectors.

Who Are We?
Why V- Global?


In the last 5 years, utilizing our advanced and sector designed software, implementation experience and high quality human resource, we started undertaking Digital Transformation projects in the MENA region.


Stemmed from the proven success stories in the large retail chains, we are here to deliver our strength and knowhow confidently with our V-Global organization.


"We are here to make new success stories in the MENA region.

Our mission as V-Global is: “Digital Transformation for Retailers”.


ERP being in the corner stone, we are bringing our E-Commerce, CRM, BI, Digital Management, Virtualization, Integration, Human Resources, Cash Management solutions to the retail chains in the MENA region



"Your Success is Our Success"

Lack of qualified human capital is one of main problems of the retail sector. Business owners, top management are striving to deliver operational efficiency, profitability, customer satisfaction and loyalty. The need for defined business procedures and key personal or (users??) is very much real.

As in many fields, qualified personnel problem is one of the biggest deficiencies in the retail sector. Firm owners / Senior executives are working under intense pressure to keep operations running efficiently, profitability and customer satisfaction. There is a great need for business standards and key users.

Human Resource bottleneck starts at this very point. Taking initiative, we are offering the experience, we have gained as business stakeholder in our clients, as a special service to V-Global customers.

Being a dedicated business partner, we have established effective communication with every level of management and key personal, eliminating frictions against success. This approach became a part of our business model.

As V-GLOBAL, we are not solely providers of applications. Empathize, Contemplate, Swift and Efficient Implementation are the main cornerstones of our corporate vision.


You will be receiving top quality service and never hear the phrase, “We cannot service you outside of our business hours”. V-Global is a professional company that is flexible and dedicated to meet the needs of Modern Business Life. We have developed a special system for you to reach us anytime, when needed.

"When You Need, We Are with You"

If your operation is halted, you cannot do sales or continue with your service, we will show rapid response to solve the problem.

Our Vision


"We Are Here to Increase Efficiency of The Retailer in the Global Market Place"

Throughout the years, the problems we have encountered contributed to our know-how set. In this respect, being Pro Active strategy became our vision.

During project shaping, implementation and aftersales, we will share our experience and offer our guidance to overcome obstacles that may arise in the due course. We believe this pro-active strategy is the best way to efficiency.

Effective means “Verim” in Turkish. The V in V-Global represents Victory and Efficiency. All our consideration in V-GLOBAL is “Increasing Efficiency with Software Systems”

Our Mission
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