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Project Management

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In this stage, the Nebim Project Manager and the Project Manager from the client company hold a meeting together to plan the assignment of various responsibilities between themselves, and to determine how they will work together in order to implement Nebim V3 within the time and budget limits.

The Nebim Project Manager;

  • Nominates members of the Nebim implementation team who will be responsible for the project and assigns them to their specific duties in line with their expertise, within the time limit given for the Project;

  • Introduces the Nebim V3 Project Adaptation Methodology and Nebim team to the Project Manager of the client company;

  • Informs the Project Manager from the client company about the steps to be taken during the preparation stage of the project and ensures that all preconditions are satisfied.

  • The Project Manager from the Client Company;

  • Ensures that all preconditions are satisfied in order to start the project, as agreed with Nebim Project Manager.

  • Organizes the kick–off meeting to be attended by the employees of the client company assigned to the project, along with the Nebim adaptation team.

  • The Project Manager from the Client Company and the Nebim Project Manager together;

  • Prepare the agenda and the presentation for the project kick–off meeting for the next phase.

  • Decide how to co-manage changes in the timing of targeted milestones or changes in the scope of the project, if necessary.

  • At the end of this preparation stage, a detailed project plan that can be presented during the kick–off meeting will have been prepared and all the preconditions required to start the project will have been fulfilled.

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Preparation (Kick–Off Meeting)

Project kick-off meeting is held with the participation of company management, key users and Nebim team. In the kick-off meeting moderated by the Project Managers of the two companies;

  • The Kick–off Meeting is held with participation of management of the client company, its key users and the Nebim team. During this meeting, moderated together by the Project Managers from both companies,

  • The key users of the client company and the members of the Nebim adaptation team will be introduced to each other;

  • People who will be actively participating in the project will be given a general outline of the targets, the scope, the important milestones of the project and the distribution of the project responsibilities among the staff members.

  • The key users from the client company are informed about who will be expected to participate in certain meetings at certain dates during the analysis phase of the project.

  • As a result of this meeting, everyone who will assume a role in the project will be ready to start the project in a synchronized way, having a common understanding about their tasks, responsibilities and the dates of the planned milestones.



The Nebim adaptation team and the key users from the client company hold process analysis meetings to ensure that the Nebim V3 software and its business processes are customized according to the requirements of the company.

  • During these process analysis meetings, which will be held according to the timetable presented at the kick–off meeting, the Nebim adaptation team;

  • Provides training to the key users from the client company on the applications available in Nebim V3, which are within the scope of the project, and present the pros and cons of the different implementation options for Nebim V3 in relation to the needs of the company;Example: Analysis questions

  • Answer the questions asked in the Nebim V3 Project Adaptation Methodology;

  • Describe the existing work processes, as well as the work processes which they want to put into effect after implementing Nebim V3;

  • Share the report samples they want to receive after implementing Nebim V3;

  • Together with the Nebim Adaptation Team, test different options for the configuration processes prepared by the Nebim team during prior stages;

  • Confirm via e-mail to Nebim that their answers to the analysis questions and the feedback they provided have been recorded accurately.

At the end of this stage, the parameters of the Nebim V3 configuration process are identified and recorded. In addition, if there are any differences detected between Nebim V3’s existing capabilities and the requirements of the client company, the new features which are planned to be developed by Nebim Software Development Team will be recorded and dated in the Nebim software development road map.


Configuration and Development

During this stage, the Nebim V3 software is implemented as determined during the analysis stage.The Nebim adaptation team;

  • Configures the parameters of Nebim V3 in accordance with the requirements identified during the process analysis stage;

  • Transfers the data from the existing system to Nebim V3;

  • Customizes designs of the forms and reports in Nebim V3 according to the requirements of the client company;

  • When necessary, conveys the needs of the client company to the Nebim Software Development; Team and organizes the testing of the new custom-made features and reports in actual company settings;

  • Provides training to the Key Users from the client company about the configured business processes.The Key Users of the company;

  • Together with the Nebim Adaptation Team, test the accuracy and the integrity of the work processes which were implemented in Nebim V3.

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Configuration and Managemet
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User Trainings

With assistance from Nebim Implementation Team when needed, Key Users from the client company train the other users in the company on use of the configured system.

User Trainings
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Testing and Optimization

During this stage, the Key Users from the client company test the work processes in the software configured according to the requirements of the company;

  • Working together with the Nebim Adaptation Team, improvements are made in the configurations for the necessary scenarios;

  • Approvals are obtained from the Key Users of the client company, indicating that the processes are configured and delivered per initial plans.

Testing and Optimization
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