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20.4 Version of Nebim V3 Released

Nebim; Turkey's leading retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of ERP software as the preferred brand began offering Nebim V3 version 20.4 users. In this version; There are new applications such as Mobile Back Office Applications for the Store, Remote Retail and Collection Management, Online Installment Collection Management and Permission Database Management integrations and new functions added to existing applications.

Remote Retail and Collection Management

Thanks to the “Nebim V3 Remote Retail Sales and Collection Management” application, which is planned to be presented to users within the 20.4 version, retail companies; store employees, especially for retail customers who do not prefer to come to the stores due to COVID-19 epidemic and social isolation, to access their customers via phone or Whatsapp, to choose from the products in the store, to send a sales link via SMS to their customers and to sell the product basket they recommend, or they can make payments using their credit cards over their phones and record all stages of these processes from order to payment, thanks to Nebim V3 POS in stores.

The solution, developed with an omni-channel vision, also includes processes related to the return of products sold with this method, and also supports Nebim V3's integration solutions with the systems of different cargo companies such as MNG Cargo, UPS or Yurtiçi Kargo.

This solution also enables integration of Nebim business partner Kayaport with BulutTahsilat virtual POS services to enable retail customers to pay securely from their homes with credit cards, on the web or on their phones.

Online Installment Collection Management

Within the scope of Nebim V3 20.4 version, a new application has started to be offered for the companies that sell by installment sales method. Thanks to the “Nebim V3 Online Installment Collection Management” application, these companies can perform installment collections from the customers who cannot come to the stores due to the COVID-19 epidemic and social isolation, quickly and safely over the web.

Thanks to this application, customers who want to pay installments can be directed to Nebim V3 Online Installment Collection application with an online payment link placed on the company website. With this guidance, customers who want to make installment payments, T.C. By entering their ID numbers, they can access their accounts and, depending on the request of the company, can authenticate or security check with OTP SMS. By entering the amount they want to pay or choosing installments, they can pay their installment debts quickly and safely and receive their payment receipts with the BulutTahsilat virtual POS infrastructure offered by Nebim partner Kayaport. If they want, companies can also make payment of overdue payments and early payment discount applications.

Purchase Demand Management Innovations

19.10 versiyonuyla birlikte eklenmiş olan, tedarikçi kartı tanımlanmamış ise sadece VKN bilgileri ile teklif oluşturabilmesi özelliğine ek olarak, 20.4 versiyonuyla birlikte, satın alma talepleri için oluşturulan tekliflerde tedarikçi seçimi de yapılabilir.

Aynı şekilde eğer tanımlı bir madde için satın alma yapılacak ise teklif girişi sırasında isteğe bağlı olarak madde seçimi yapabilmesi, satın alma talepleri için oluşturulmuş tekliflerin web üzerinden onaylanabilmesi veya ret edilebilmesi sağlandı.

e- Waybill Integration Innovations

As previously announced by the Revenue Administration (Revenue Administration), taxpayers who have been registered in the e-Invoice application and whose gross sales revenue (or sales and gross business revenue) for 2018 or subsequent accounting periods are 25 million TL and above, They must have passed the waybill application.

In previous versions of Nebim V3, e-Waybill integration capabilities were introduced. Nebim V3's e-Waybill integration also improved in line with the experiences gained in the adaptation projects carried out in the past months and the “E-waybill Implementation Guide” published by the Revenue Administration (GİB) on February 29, 2020 at continues.

With the 20.4 version, updates have been introduced in integrations with the e-Waybill services offered by QNB eFinans, Sovos Foriba and SabancıDX Edoksis service providers, which were launched in previous Nebim V3 versions. In addition, integration with Doğan e-Transformation's e-Waybill services started to be supported.

Other e-Waybill integration updates and innovations offered within the 20.4 version can be summarized as follows:

In line with the “E-waybill Application Guide” published by GİB in February, it was stated that e-waybill users should arrange their “all” waybills electronically regardless of whether the recipient is registered to the application. With the 20.4 version of Nebim V3, all dispatches issued by the company subject to e-dispatch can be arranged as e-dispatch.

During the approval of the dispatches coming from the stores or other stores, the products were accepted to be accepted in the event that the e-dispatcher did not fall into the inbox, due to a problem arising from the special integrator that I / I received from the company. When the e-waybill system problems are corrected and the waybill falls into the inbox, the system can be accepted automatically and the responses can be sent according to product acceptance.

It is provided that the invoice of the prepared dispatch note can be printed as well, and thus, the documents containing loading information such as the check list can also be taken.

In the "E-Dispatch Check Send" program created, the dispatch of the delivery note can be grouped on the basis of model and product feature.

Shipments to warehouses with different postal addresses (City, District, Address Number) with the transfer between warehouses can be arranged as e-waybill.

The e-waybill URN addresses provided to the firms were the same as the e-invoice URN addresses previously provided. Then, different URN addresses were given by GİB for e-dispatch. This URN address can be defined separately.

Movements that are missing in intermediate processes such as service support, renovation warehouse movement can be arranged as e-dispatch.

Retail Sales Innovations

In addition to the discount reasons, invoices issued in Nebim V3 POS, "Discount Sub-Reason" can be entered in order to track more detailed discount reasons.

Working on Nebim V3 POS After Delivery in Retail Sales; the same product can be sold with different delivery options within the same invoice, when the delivery status for the product is determined once in the invoice, the product is added so that the delivery status remains the same within the same invoice, the delivery status of the desired products in the invoice can be changed in bulk with the "Change Delivery Option" In case there is only one product in it, operations can be changed without changing the invoice.

"Vodafone Advantage Mobile" integration can be used in the retail sales process at Nebim V3 POS.

In retail returns, when a customer is asked to return cash, customer verification can also be performed via SMS.

Campaigns marked with the option "Run with All Campaigns Regardless of Priority and Advantage" can be applied without being subject to priority, advantage and interoperable controls in order to use instant discount campaigns that want to work with all campaigns. Gift cards are used more securely by adding the option "Verify SMS in Use" to gift cards.

Advance and installment price support can be used in Verifone MX915 YN ÖKC integration. Early payment discount can be made in the companies that make installment retail sales, in case the customer closes all their balance during the installment payment. In addition, by adding a product filter to the payment plan additional installment campaign, the additional installment campaign was enabled only in the products that were filtered.

When preparing a retail invoice on Nebim V3 POS, the required fields to be entered in the invoices issued by the companies subject to e-Invoice application can be entered by the user from the VKN address of the institution by understanding that it is a public institution.

Planet Payment, a Tax Free brokerage house, has also been added to Tax Free brokerage houses supported by Nebim V3 POS. In Tax Free sales realized through Nebim V3 POS menus integrated with Planet Payment services, VAT refund amounts can be collected by using the services of Planet Payment.

In addition, working on the screens placed facing the customer, working integrated with the Nebim V3 POS used by the cashier; With the "Font Size" feature added to the "Nebim V3 POS Customer Screen" parameters, where shopping information, defined currency types, customer-specific product suggestions, customer-rated information, photos of the best-selling products or advertising videos can be displayed based on the purchases made by the customer. visibility of the articles can be improved.

The suggestions to be more up-to-date can be provided by filtering according to details such as season, year among the products recommended by Nebim V3 Product Suggestion Engine, which is called by Nebim V3 Guided Sales application.

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