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With Nebim V3 ERP, We Can Perform All Our Business Processes in Compliance with Legal Requirements!

Edona Arsllani, Store Manager of Unitex Station, one of the leading brands in the Kosovo ready-to-wear industry and a DeFacto Franchise, shared her views on the transition to Nebim V3 ERP.

Can you briefly talk about your company?

"The establishment story of Unitex Station, which is among the leading brands of the ready-made clothing industry in Kosovo, dates back to September 20, 2019. Unitex Statition opened its first store under the title of DeFacto Franchise in Pristina in 2019 and continues to open stores at the beginning of 2020. On the other hand, it opened its second store in Prizren Galeria Shopping Mall. We met with Nebim during the retailing process and we decided to work with Nebim."

Which business processes do you manage with Nebim V3?

"With Nebim V3 ERP, we manage all our sales, cash registers, discount campaigns, goods acceptance, stock management, foreign import processes, customs costs and all our office works in accordance with local legislation."

What kind of difficulties did you encounter while implementing Nebim V3?

"Like every country, Kosovo has its own local laws. We also have to work with DATECS FP-550 and FP-700 printers in Kosovo. Therefore, the software we use is an integration with DATECS FP-550 and FP-700 printers. "We established the system very quickly by making this integration with Nebim V3, and opened our stores ready for sale. We did not have any problems. We were able to complete this integration process very systematically and successfully."

What were the main benefits you provided in Nebim V3?

"We have provided great benefits in sales, stock and campaign management. As you know, we are a textile company. We have to make campaigns constantly and we cannot experience any mistakes. We can do this by integrating the campaigns into Nebim V3 with the master data coming from the DeFacto center very quickly. We are preparing and putting it into use. We have not experienced any problems so far. We are planning to open new stores in the coming months, and we plan to work with Nebim V3 in these stores as well."

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