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Nebim V3 Remote Sales and Collection Overview

With Nebim V3 Remote Sales and Collection;

  • Enable your sales consultants to make interactive consultancy, promote products and make suggestions to your customers who do not prefer to go to your stores,

  • Receive the payment by credit card or money order, by selling remotely to your customers,

  • Provide easy and fast delivery with delivery options and cargo tracking,

  • Increase customer satisfaction with the shopping experience you will provide to your customers from the comfort of their homes,

  • Increase revenue with location independent telemarketing service.

Product Selection

  • You can promote your products by reaching your customers on the platform you choose, such as phone calls, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and social media channels.


  • Your sales consultant can record the products that the customer likes / chooses as a Cash Sales Order via Nebim V3 POS.


The remote sales process is started with Nebim V3 POS - Cash Sales Order. Sales transactions are recorded as Remote sales and e-Archive images and reports can be made. Customer special discounts that work with all active campaigns and SMS verification can be applied. Delivery method such as cargo or delivery from the store can be chosen. With the Send SMS for Remote Sales button on the order payment screen, the order amount and details are sent to the customer as an SMS. The customer completes the sale by making the payment transactions from his mobile device by clicking the link sent to him by SMS.


The customer can pay the order on his mobile device by clicking the link sent to him by SMS. Before payment, order information about the order from the mobile device can review details such as product, price, discount, applied campaign, billing address, delivery address. You can see the distance sales contract. The approved distance sales contract is stored together with the order details.


After the controls, the customer reaches the section where they will choose the payment by pressing the Make Payment button. You can pay the order amount via BulutTahsilat services via Virtual POS by Credit Card or Money Order method. After the payment is confirmed, the Order Summary can be saved. In order to start the invoice and delivery process of the sales, the payment of which is confirmed, an e-mail is sent to the stores where the delivery will be made.


Orders that have been completed and paid for remote sales can be invoiced individually via Nebim V3 Store or individually via Nebim V3 POS. Invoicing can be done according to the delivery location. The products in the order can be billed at different times. Orders canceled due to waiver or not yet paid can be canceled. Adding, removing or returning and exchange operations can be made to the products in the order.

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